Natural Integrity Product Ingredients

Our range was developed with natural ingredients and essential oils for three key reasons

  • Our essential oil products contain concentrations of 100% pure essential oils because we love and are inspired by their smell and the therapeutic benefits of using them for wellbeing.
  • All the products are made from natural ingredients as there are so many uses and benefits from natural plant ingredients (without the need for synthetic additives).

The range was developed to exclude synthetic ingredients particularly because of the growing health concerns and the known and unknown side effects to some people of synthetic ingredients particularly synthetic perfume in products.

    Read our blog here for more information regarding the health concerns

    With the use of essential oils in our products we have eliminated the concern and are giving the products a scent that has authenticity. In this way the scent is completely made by nature and also gives the therapeutic benefit through smell that a particular essential oil may contain, or is known for.

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    The Candles and Essential Reed Diffusers
    The soy candles and essential oil diffusers are infused with pure essential oils which not only look beautiful in any setting but smell divine. We love working with natural and renewable ingredients to help us create fabulous healthy natural and organic essential oil candles and diffusers for you.

    The soy wax in the candles is from a renewable source and is free from any artificial or toxic elements, meaning our candles burn cleanly unlike traditional paraffin items, and - because of the lower melting point - last much longer too.

    We chose to enrich our candles and essential oil diffusers with PURE essential oils and they produce unique therapeutic benefits, enhancing the aroma and mood in any environment thanks to their therapeutic properties. The majority of candle and reed diffuser makers rely on cheap, chemical-based synthetic scents; some use a concoction of essential oils and synthetic products but only mention the inclusion of essential oils; we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our products in our home and body range are scented purely with essential oils. We have also introduced a range of organic fragranced soy candles purely to get some wonderful fragrances that people love but are unavailable in essential oils. They were hard to source but we would not settle for less than the best toxin free ingredients and to keep the integrity of the products pure and natural.

    So many companies are currently churning out products containing synthetic fragrance oils. It's hard to get away from them but we at Natural Integrity are delighted and very proud to provide our customers with what we believe to be a naturally beautiful, healthier and ultimately superior alternative.

    Skincare and Body Products
    As with our candle and essential oil diffuser range we only use natural and organic ingredients with no toxic chemicals in our skincare and body products. So many people don’t realise the effects of chemicals found in mass-produced “skincare” You may have noticed, when buying a moisturiser, or other product, that the ingredients list is so long, and full of unpronounceable names, and you know what? So many of these ingredients have nothing to do with your skin – they’re there to extend the life of the product, or to make it a pretty colour, or to make it smell nice – but these don’t benefit the skin in any way.

    The products we create at Natural Integrity are all natural and lovingly handmade. They contain no harsh chemicals or artificial preservatives, but are packed full of Nature’s goodness to help you achieve natural beautiful healthy skin.

    We produce our products in small batches, so that customers get them at their freshest and best. Yes, our products smell nice, we add essential oils and we do this with the essential oils’ skincare benefits in mind. We never add an ingredient if it’s not going to benefit your skin in some way. Each product is designed and formulated to not only look, feel and smell good, but to do good to your skin as well. It is very important that every Natural Integrity product has beneficial skincare properties!

    The Raw Materials in the Products

    We are passionate about bringing you and your family the very best from nature. We are sourcing the very best natural and organic ingredients.

    We have also made it our mission to source other natural and organic products made for the home skin and body from other Australian country and rural producers who are as passionate as we are about delivering you products made from all natural and organic ingredients.

    It's our goal to give you access to these high quality products that are not main stream in the big capital cites but made from country and rural Australians who operate small scale productions that are just as good if not better as some big corporate brands. 

    So you will find on the store our own brand from Natural Integrity and other Natural and Organic brands from other country and rural Australian producers.

    The ingredients in all the products are:

    • All Natural Ingredients
    • No Nasty Chemicals
    • No synthetic Fragrance
    • Made with respect for the Environment
    • Ethically sourced and quality Ingredients

    Our products do not contain any ingredients derived from petrochemicals or synthetic chemistry. There is no testing of the finished product on animals.

    The Natural Integrity products use ingredients sourced for not only their natural or organic quality but to support and promote sustainable and organic farming in Australia and overseas and to pass the benefits of these raw material ingredients produced this way on to the product user.

    The Virgin Cold-pressed Coconut Oil used in our Natural Integrity products is used for its quality and because of the way it is hand produced in the South Pacific Islands. This also supports South Pacific village communities who rely on overseas trade for their livelihood.

    As a whole Natural Integrity is sourcing the best ingredients to make our products and other natural and organic products from small Australian producers that are closest to nature.

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